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prior to 1893My Grandmother, Arpen, told a story about how she liked to sneak snacks from the barrells of dried fruit (esp. apricots) in the fruit cellar, even though her mother told her she was not to do this. One day her mother hid behind the barrels and when Arpen approached and began eating apricots she heard the scariest monster groan she had ever heard in her life. She ran out of that basement completely terrified. gi 2009-06-16
1897Began the trip to the US. The Turkish Gendarms were rounding up men in the village of Van, taking them away from their families never to return, or worse, raping and slaughtering everyone in sight. One such Gendarm showed up at the Garoian residence. Uncle Sahag hid my grandmother and her sister, Armenouhi, in a closet with a gun to their head in the case that painless deaths would be the best option. Luckily the gendarms left without incident. As Pappa Messrop Garoian had travelled ahead, the remaining entourage headed out for America via covered wagon. "
"The family, Arpeni, Armenouhi, mother Cayron and Uncle Sahag were en route to Egypt as relatives were employed as servants in the royal palace. Arpen was "tinkling" off the back of the covered wagon when a strange caped man on horseback was seen in the distance behind them, approaching at a gallop. It turned out to be Pappa Messrop. "
"Soon after this they were in Egypt. As they drove up to the entrance of the royal palace some palace guards offered them bananas. Neither of the girls had ever seen bananas before. With laughter Arpen remembered that her sister Armen ate the banana peel and all."
"Mother Cayron passed away during the trip. Cause unknown."
1897-04-05 Passage to US by ship, Le Bretagne, out of Le Havre, France Link to ship recordsgi 2018-08-17
"It was Pappa Messrop's desire to enter a ladies equestrian garment in the St. Louis Worlds fair of 1904. He settled the family in St. Louis and did eventually enter and win the event at the 1904 World's Fair. This led to the establishment of a successful ladies tailoring shop. However upon arriving in St. Louis he placed his two girls in an orphanage, "Edgewood", of Webster Groves, Missouri. A list of "inmates", circa 1900 "
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